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  1. Change view to Weekly. If you see a white space in the calendar then you can ask to have your training time in that space.
  2. Note – You do not have that time booked until you receive a confirmation. It takes time for calendars to sync. Sometimes 2 people book for the same time slot.
  3. If you float you may request to book your own time weekly. Please try to book as close to another class as possible.
  4. You are booked for a set number of weeks. If you miss a class and someone else books your time slot after your end date, you may need to move to another time.
  5. You must book 24 hours in advance of the class you want.
  6. NOTE: When there is a dispute the main calendar app will override what appears on the website. Please call or text for confirmation.

Gold – Suzanne Private
Red – K9Klub
Blue – No lessons may be booked
Grey – Class

You may book by texting or calling and leaving a message: 519 902 4739
You may book a time by email:
Please do not book by facebook. It is too difficult to track