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Reactive Dogs

Classical Conditioning: Reinforcing Bad Behavior or Changing Behavior?

Canine Behavior Consultants will tell you that the best tool for changing dogs behavior is classical conditioning. Operant conditioning is good, but not that strong. But when people are told to reinforce their dog for doing something wrong they panic. So, let’s set some ground rules. The Goals and Objectives of any Classical Conditioning Program […]

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Punishment or Positive Training – From a Dog’s Perspective

When we argue whether punishment or positive training works it is always from a human ethical or emotional standpoint.  I am always amazed that whether we are defending, or bashing, we never take the animal’s point of view into perspective. [quote] [quote_content]Quote content[/quote_content] “Many peoples die at twenty-five and aren’t buried until they are seventy-five.” […]

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How Does Cortisol Make My Dog Aggressive?

“Cortisol, a glucocorticoid (steroid hormone), is produced from cholesterol in the two adrenal glands located on top of each kidney. It is normally released in response to events and circumstances such as waking up in the morning, exercising, and acute stress. Cortisol’s far-reaching, systemic effects play many roles in the body’s effort to carry out […]

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A Reactive Success Story: Harley’s Story

Harley was attacked by a large dog at a dog show, May 2015. The dog attacked her crate throwing it around until it could be pulled off. I was at the ring, and the person who was watching Harley was so upset they didn’t tell me because they were afraid I would be angry at […]

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Reactive Dog Management – The Hereditary Factor

The Handler’s personal agenda is the most frustrating things I encounter when working with clients whose dogs are either fear reactive, or aggressive towards people or dogs. When we have a dog that has reactive problems we need to realize it is no longer about: We want to go for a walk We want to […]

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Did I Cause my Dog’s Reactive Behavior Problem?

I think that everyone with a reactive dog wonders if they are part of the problem. Sometimes the answer is, yes. Other times the answer is, no.  To answer this question properly we need to explore a lot of factors. What does it mean when a dog is reactive? It means that it reacts in […]

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Tips For Working With People Aggressive Or People Reactive Dogs

People tend to have cognitive thoughts and memories. “Why didn’t I buy the red car?” “I should rent the red brick house.” Dogs have more reactive, or recall thoughts and memories. Sights, odors, textures and sounds can all contribute to reactive responses from dogs. In this article, I address anxiety, particularly separation anxiety in dogs, […]

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