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Dominance: What is Social Tolerance and Why Should I Care?

Last Friday I introduced a new member to Mickey Stilwell’s adolescent class. The dogs were spread over ½ acre and were walking calmly in random patterns.  All the dogs were high drive working breeds. The new student was asking when the class would start. I smiled, ‘it has.’ What these dogs were learning was to […]

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What is Puppy Socialization

One of the most misunderstood aspects of puppy raising is the socialization. Everyone knows about obedience training – but nothing else. Imprinting Behaviors You have the power to imprint good behaviors on your puppy until 13 weeks old. After that the door closes -forever. This isn’t the time to spoil your puppy. This is the […]

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Classical Conditioning: Reinforcing Bad Behavior or Changing Behavior?

Canine Behavior Consultants will tell you that the best tool for changing dogs behavior is classical conditioning. Operant conditioning is good, but not that strong. But when people are told to reinforce their dog for doing something wrong they panic. So, let’s set some ground rules. The Goals and Objectives of any Classical Conditioning Program […]

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10 Heeling Mistakes: It Takes Two to Tangle

Excerpt from Heeling Seminar June 3, 2017 One of the most common problems I see on a weekly basis is people whose dogs drag them, pull on the lead, or lunge and bark at other dogs or people. I’ve seen dogs brace their toes into the dirt, lean into their collar, and pull like a […]

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Bullying: Hyper Behavior – Aggression – Reactive

Download PDF: Bullying and Aggression One of the hardest things to deal with is bullying. I’ve seen it in lap dogs. I’ve seen it in well bred, well trained, and properly raised working dogs.  The #1 problem is that 99% of dog owners do not want to recognize bullying behavior in their dog. Any dog […]

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