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Dog Training Tips

Top handler Mistakes When Training Obedience

Author Mickey Stillwell Do you know that the reason your dog listens probably isn’t because he is stubborn, or dominant. It is because your dog really doesn’t understand what you want. Or, what you think you are saying, isn’t what the dog is hearing. 1- you don’t train often enough Sometimes once our dog has […]

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How to Obtain a Performance Number from the UKC

The process is fairly simple. You may register your dog whether it is a purebred with papers, identifiable as a breed, or a cross of multiple breeds. Performance Numbers These numbers are for all dogs who are neutered or spay. Step #1: Click this Link Cost is $20 USD You will be directed to […]

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Dominance: What is Social Tolerance and Why Should I Care?

Last Friday I introduced a new member to Mickey Stilwell’s adolescent class. The dogs were spread over ½ acre and were walking calmly in random patterns.  All the dogs were high drive working breeds. The new student was asking when the class would start. I smiled, ‘it has.’ What these dogs were learning was to […]

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What is Puppy Socialization

One of the most misunderstood aspects of puppy raising is the socialization. Everyone knows about obedience training – but nothing else. Imprinting Behaviors You have the power to imprint good behaviors on your puppy until 13 weeks old. After that the door closes -forever. This isn’t the time to spoil your puppy. This is the […]


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