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Top handler Mistakes When Training Obedience

Author Mickey Stillwell Do you know that the reason your dog listens probably isn’t because he is stubborn, or dominant. It is because your dog really doesn’t understand what you want. Or, what you think you are saying, isn’t what the dog is hearing. 1- you don’t train often enough Sometimes once our dog has engagement and knows a behaviour we are asking we allow our dogs to go on auto pilot. So then sometimes…   Continue

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Want An Obedient Dog? Stop Yanking The Leash!

One of the most frustrating ‘left overs’ from the days when dogs were treated as an animate object is the belief that the leash is a switch, steering wheel, or brake. If you hank it hard enough the dog will magically respond in a positive, obedient manner. I’ve seen dogs progress wonderfully through obedience training, then start regressing to a defensive behavior, or shutting down, because the owner starts yanking on the leash. The question…   Continue

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Why Doesn’t My Dog Heel?

When people ask me this question the first response is because you haven’t taught the dog to heel. Putting a choker collar on a dog and punishing it when it moves away from you doesn’t teach the dog to heel. Dragging the dog around by the leash doesn’t teach the dog to heel. First we need to address the handler – You. Do you know what heel means? Before you start teaching a dog to…   Continue

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How to Teach the Heel?

  There are several ways to teach heeling. Before choosing the right one for you it is important to define your objectives. Obedience Competition, Rally Obedience, Schutzhund and IPO Walking and control in public, especially in crowds Control when visiting, going to the vets, or walking to and from the car. Each of these methods require a different style of heeling. Looking to owner for cues. Happy demeanor. Fully following the owner’s lead. While this…   Continue

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