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Positive Changes in Your Dog's Behavior
Call Us: (519)902-4739

Positive Changes in Your Dog’s Behavior



We are offering the 2 hour seminar on June 19 to anyone who wants to attend, $30. (No dogs). You will learn the theory behind reactive, aggressive, behavior, and some ideas and suggestions on how to manage your dog’s behavior. To register email info @ sportdogtrainingcenter.com. Bring a chair, coffee, and something to take notes.


Two Options: Choose the one that is right for you.

My dog has not had training or behavior modification in the last 6 months:  Positive Transformation – Control and Safety

My dog and I have had help, but I need to do more set ups and have more exposure to other dogs in a safe environment:   Practice and Patience CLASS

Results from past classes:

  • No Barking after week 2
  • Dogs stop lunging in 3 weeks
  • Happier, relaxed dogs after 3 weeks
  • Dogs greeting other dogs in 4 weeks
  • Calmly walking past other dogs ‘in close proximity’ in 4 weeks
  • Ignoring ‘high distractions’ and fast moving things in 5 weeks
  • Focusing on their owners and listening in 5 weeks
  • Walking as a group in 6 weeks.

I would like to read more about the behavior programs and private classes: Click Here

If you would like more information on helping your reactive dog but are not ready to take a program then please join our newsletter. You will receive short lessons in your email.

Option1:  Positive Transformations – Control and Safety

1 2hour Workshop +  5 x 1  hour sessions = $175 CLASS

Max 4 dogs in class. Each dog is in its own ‘area’ with fencing around. We have fencing, curtains, and other tools to keep dogs safe.

Intro Workshop

Workshop is open for everyone: Next workshop is Sept 23 5-7. $30 if you are not taking the course, Free if you are taking the course.

Classreactive rover class

In a safe and nurturing environment. Each week we work on specific exercises that will teach your dog to be calm, teach you to control your dog, and start you on your journey to a new, ‘calmer’ lifestyle.

Attend the Workshop June 18 5 – 7 Then choose a time for your classes

Wednesdays – you must preregister

Note: When there are 4 dogs in the class then registration will close for 6 weeks)

I am ready to register:  Call/Text 519 902 4737 or fill in the form below.


We teach you to change your dog’s behavior. We teach you to manage with 1  behavior/Trigger in these sessions. We will work in a safe environment to increase control and trust between you and your dog.

Most people have enough control walk their dog in public. If you do the work asked, your dog will focus on you.  You will have the skills and techniques needed to continue with the program so you can enjoy having your dog around.

We keep this program short and simple.. Once you’ve finished the course you can continue to work with other people who have high drive or hyper dogs, Monday is the Patience and Practice Class. $10 a night. This is more cost effective than keeping you in a program for 8-10 weeks.

I am ready to register for one of these programs. Please let us know which program in the following form.

Phone Number
Email Address:
What problems are you facing? How can we help you and your dog?
What Class/Sport are You Interested in?

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Option2: Behavior – Patience and Practice Class

Monday 7 – 8

This program is for dogs who can reorient to their owners, and have started to learn how bulldog-1275748_960_720to act calm. This is a ‘practice’ type of class where you can practice without needing to retake expensive behavior modification courses.

We expect that dogs attending this course will not bite another dog. If this sounds right for you then please contact us at info@kab.universitas-brawijaya.ac.id Or use the form at the right.

Cost is $99 – 10 Sessions.

Call the number at the top of the website or use the form at the side of the page to register