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Treibball Now in London Ontario
Call Us: (519)902-4739

Treibball Now in London Ontario

border-330366_960_720Register for a Trieball Class

Triebball is Tuesday nights. First class is 8:30

Next Start Date: July 12

6 weeks $80.00

Send an email stating you want to join and confirm your spot. We will send you a registration form. Class is limited to 6 dogs. Contact us: info@kab.universitas-brawijaya.ac.id or call/txt 519 902 4739  to hold your spot.

Hold Your Spot. Classes limited to 6 participants so that everyone receives individual attention.

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What is Triebball

“It’s a sport of distance, skill and teamwork. In a timed run, the handler sends the dog out around a group of large exercise balls to drive them in with his nose,” says Sandi Pensinger, president of the National Association of Treibball Enthusiasts (NATE).

Does London Ontario need another dog sport? We have some top of the competition world agility training areas within a short drive. There are several sport dog training facilities in the area. We have UKC and CKC. There is a lot of variety, so why Treibball? That’s easy, because it is one of the best options for retired agility dogs, and it is the perfect sport for high drive and reactive dogs.

We have broken down treibball into basic steps. We will work with you through each step until your dog can perform the tasks well. We split the classes so that the high energy dogs are in one class. Each session is 6 weeks, $80. This sport won’t break the bank.

Classes are Tuesday Night. Beginners starts at 7pm. Use the contact email in the sidebar to find out when the next beginner’s class starts.

Play Treibball in Your Back Yard

You only need a couple of exercise balls to practice. Cheap soccer balls or beach balls will do when you are first learning. You don’t need a manicured lawn.

We have the groomed pen at the Aylmer Fair Grounds, but that isn’t necessary. You can go up several levels before you need to worry about that level of precision. Unlike some other dog sports you can ‘play’ for 2 or 3 years before you need any great financial investment.

Two American Treibball Organizations

There are currently two organizations. Some fans are trying to pull together a Canadian organization. We are preparing students for all three.

National Association of Treibball Enthusiasts (NATE).


It is Easy and Safe Dog Training and Fun

You don’t need to own a herding dog. Any dog can do this sport. It doesn’t require hairpin turns at high speed, or undue pressure on your dog’s joints. You do not need to worry about diet or performance conditioning. If your dog wants to ‘give it all’ then it can. But if your dog just wants to take it easy, then you can still enjoy the sport without feeling left out.

Training Basics for Treibball

The training basics will prepare your dog to excel in any dog sport. You will gain more teamwork with your dog.

Reactive dogs will build more focus on their owners, and they will learn how to orient to an object. This skill can be used to refocus your dog while on walks.

High drive dogs can ‘give it their all’. You can now exercise a high drive dog in your back yard. Twenty minutes will cover your training and exercise for the day.

Sheep and Herding Dog Training

Are you having trouble training your herding dog? You already know that the traditional basic obedience methods don’t work. Your dog has behavior problems no one else can understand. Well – the way we teach treiball will help address those behavior issues, while having fun with your dog.

Benefits of Playing Treiball (also called Drive Ball)

Better Relationship = Calmer, More Obedient Dogs
You and your dog will learn to communicate better. Your dog will learn that it is fun to obey you.

Improve Communication and Response to Cues
The more you train, the more obedience becomes a lifestyle for your dog. You will start to see your dog respond to cues without thinking.

Small Space,  Impact Exercise (also called Pilates for dogs)
You can exercise your dog even if you are confined to small spaces, and limited time.

Great For High Energy, High Drive, Over Excitable Dogs
Don’t give up on your high energy dog. If walking for an hour a day isn’t helping, then try treiball. Twenty minutes in your back yard can lead to a calmer, happier, easier to manage canine friend. Your dog will learn both impulse and arousal control. It will learn that doing what you want is the quickest way to getting what it wants.

Fun and Exercise for You
You wanted a dog to be part of your family. This is a great way to help your dog remain calm, gain social skills, and learn how to cope in today’s Urban environment. It is a ‘night out’ for you, and fun with other dog people.

Treibball Equipment
When you are starting you only need some soccer balls, or beach balls. You can practice for a long time with only 2 or 3 exercise balls. The average back yard is great for training. You won’t need to buy more expensive equipment to practice at home.