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Training Older Working Dogs

The working breeds make amazing pets and are well adapted to urban life. They do have more needs than a house dog, but the more you invest into your working or herding breed, the more you will get back. Our course for training working dogs is designed to help you learn to handle a dog,…   Continue

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Why Puppies Do Bad Things?

Sometimes puppies make a mess when they are playing. Sometimes they are being clever, but that gets them in trouble. When you are working with a puppy you need to set boundaries ‘before’ the puppy starts acting bad. Set the ground rules and do not break them. Let your puppy know where the limits are….   Continue

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Canadian Pet Expo Show – April 2015

We did 2 great shows this weekend. The dogs loved performing in the big auditorium with everyone in the bleachers watching them. There were more distractions than we imagined: people (shampoo, deodorant, body odour, tooth paste, mints, laundry soap), kangaroos, parrots, lama, straw, food court, all around the ring. We followed woof dogs, dog luring,…   Continue

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