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Puppy Life Skills 2: Confidence

Puppy Socializing 8 – 20 Weeks You have been exposing your puppy to new environments, new smells, new challenges. Each one should have been age appropriate. None should have frightened or stressed your puppy. Each ‘adventure’ should have been a happy one, ending in a good nap (latent learning). Puppies habituate to things very quickly, so the third or fourth exposure is no longer socializing. Don’t worry if your puppy is Wary. This is normal….   Continue

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What is Puppy Socialization?

Almost every dog training facility has a puppy socialization class. But not all of these classes are created equal. Not all classes achieve what you want them to. The problem is that everyone has a basic idea of what they want to accomplish, but the average dog owner does not know how to go from point A to point B. Objectives of Puppy Socialization To prevent aggressive or nervous behavior problems To build confidence in…   Continue

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Puppy Primer: What is the Most Important Command?

Leave it. A puppy who understands this has the foundation for good manners and reliable control. Every puppy obedience task is built on the leave it command. To heel well a puppy needs to learn not to pull towards things it is interested in. A long, reliable, stay cannot be accomplished unless the puppy understands the leave it command. Teaching the leave it command without using punishment is vital to building a trust relationship with…   Continue

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