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Private Practice Rental

Have you been looking for a place ‘indoors’ where you can practice? Our facilities are available to K9Klub members for private practice.

You may practice anything you wish, with your dogs, or with other K9Klub dogs. * Our facility is available whether you want to book a steady time, or just a few hours to prepare for a competition.

Contact us via the contact form to book time.

* The practice sessions are supervised by our trainers/security and are only available for training that does not violate our philosophy. We do not condone any training that hurts a dog, whether it is effective, condoned by the training association, or a traditional practice.

** Our insurance requires one of our trainers/volunteers/employees to be on the premises when open.

*** You may not train other people’s dogs unless you supply proof of insurance to Black Ridge and the Aylmer Fair Board. However, dog daycare, dog walking services, rescues, or any service that does not conduct training for client’s dogs may safely use our facilities without their own insurance.