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RallyO Club – Practice

K9Klub Rally Practice

If you want a slow paced, fun outing with your dog then Rally Obedience (RallyO) is the dog sport for you.

We have all levels for all dogs. There is no requirement that you must prepare for  competition, just good fun for both you and your dog

Our Rally Club meets once a week on Thursday Night at 7:30. Please see our schedule.

  • No experience necessary. Your dog doesn’t need to know more than ‘walk on a loose leash’ and sit.
  • No equipment necessary
  • Trials, workshops, clinics not included in K9Klub price
  • You do not need to compete in trials to join.

To Join: Drop in Thursday night at 6:30 pm

Introduction to RallyO Course (Not Part of K9Klub)

Rally-O Class is a great way to build teamwork. It is a perfect ‘first step’ for anyone interested in competition but wants an easier way to ‘ease in.’

If your dog knows the basics, but you and your dog are having trouble ‘bringing it together’ then Rally is the sport for you.

In Rally-O, you negotiate a course, directed by signs that tell you what task to do next. These are fun tasks that change with each dog. The tasks may involve a sit and stay, weaving through pylons, or performing a figure-eight. The course changes each time so it is challenging.

Each week, the course lay-out will change. We will review exercises, introduce new ones and give you tips on how to develop your dog handling skills. Some of the exercises you’ll encounter include:

  • Engage and Focus
  • Sit, down, stay, walk around your dog
  • Pivot, figure eight, spiral
  • Come, heel slow, normal, fast, finish left and right
  • Turns of 90, 180, 270 and 360 left and right

6 weeks at $99