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Solving Behaviour Problems for 40 years

Private and Group classes. 

Working and Bully Breed Specialist

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Making Fearful dogs Friendly

Teaching Hyper/Crazy Dogs Manners

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Working Breed and Bully Breed Dog Training

Tradiditonal training doesn’t work. Correction doesn’t work. 
'Functional' Obedience Classes'
There is 1000 hours of training and behavior work behind every ‘perfet’ dog. Good dogs do not just happen.  Our program doesn’t teach you a few techniques, then leave you to work on your own.  We work with you every step of the way.  10 Session Card – $150. Don’t Loose Classes you miss. 
Aggression Prevention
Prevention is more relyable than a treatment. We work to avoid behavior problems in young dogs, and to teach control in older dogs. We offer classes for adolescent dogs to prevent/stop aggression and hyper behavior. 
Working Breed Puppy

Imprint important behaviors into your puppy. Teach it to be calm, respect you, and be gentle. Behavior ‘natural’ working breed behaviors makes your dog hyper/aggressive at 10 months old. 

Working Breed Adult

Teaching self control, manners, impulse control – everything needed for you to enjoy living with your dog.  4 week private class and 6 week ‘class’ $375 or 8 weeks Private for $425