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Call Us: (519)902-4739


Sport Dog Training Center

What Manners Can a Dog Have? How can we help your dog Fit  into Your Lifestyle?

Why chose Our Trainers?

  • Private Sessions on Your Schedule
  • Educated, Experienced, Working/High Drive dog specialists.
  • No over crowded classes
  • Positive, force free, Play/Prey Drive training techniques
  • We work to bring out the best performance and obedience in working dogs without breaking their spirit. So you can enjoy a peaceful life with your dog and maybe win a few high in trials   Training Philosophy
  • Read More: Dog Trainers

Functional Obedience – Take Back Control

Functional Obedience is the art of training ‘minds and manners’, and teaching a dog how to stay calm, and under control, in today’s urban environment.

Our Functional Obedience programs are designed to help put you back in control, by teaching your dog to be ‘responsible for its own behavior’ whether you are close enough to correct – or not –  regardless of dog’s excitement level,  or distractions.

This is no  ‘buzz word’, weekend fix!  We work at your speed, and your dog’s speed to build reliable obedience – anywhere and everywhere. From ignoring you and fighting the leash, to reliable off leash obedience. Click For More Info:  Working Breed 10 Week Program   CLASS ‘Grow With Your Dog’ Program

SMART Pup! – More Fun For Puppies, Easier for You

Puppies are born with emotions, and temperaments. They are confident, fearful, curious, assertive, or exploratory.  Working breed puppies are bold, forceful, and are constantly on the go.   Every time you turn around they are causing problems. Nothing you try works.

Toss out traditional puppy training and enroll your puppy in a program created to meet your puppy’s needs. Once you learn how to work with a high drive, energetic, and smart puppy then everything becomes easier.

Click for More information:

Puppy Obedience – Level 1: Minds and Manners, Level 2: Basic Obedience and Control, Level 3: Urban Obedience.  CLASS for Puppies  S.T.A.R.T. Smart Puppy

Off Leash Puppy Play and Socialization – Reduces dog-dog aggression and reactivity, mental stimulation, and relationship. Drop in $5 (puppies are grouped by size/temperament)  Large/Senior Puppy – Small/Junior Puppy – Contact for more info

Dog Sports and fitness

Behavior Problem Solving

We help solve your problems. We work hard to keep up to date in the latest behavior therapy and techniques. We do not engage in a ‘quick fix’, bandage approach. Our programs are based on approaches with decades of successful case studies.

We do not believe in large classes. Watching from the sidelines while someone demonstrates an obedience technique doesn’t work. Dogs need the 1:1 attention they receive in small classes, no more than 3-5 dogs.  Click For More Information: Positive Transformations

Winter Weather: We will post closures and cancelations on our facebook page.

If you do not use FB, please send a txt to 5199024739


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[columns]2017 Schedule


  • Basic Obedience Classes
  • Puppy Socialization Classes
  • Canine Good Citizen Prep –
  • Scent Detection
  • Freestyle/Core Training
  • Contact/Pet Agility



  • Freestyle Dance
  • Rally FrEe
  • CKC/UKC Obedience/Rally
  • Scent SDDS, UKC
  • Tracking (spring)
  • Flyball



  • Pet Expo – International Center
  • Aylmer Home Show
  • Pawlooza
  • London Pet Expo
  • Aylmer Fair
  • UKC Scent – Unsanctioned
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group


*Schedule is subject to change