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John Wiebe

Working/Hunting Breed Trainer

Mickey Stillwell

Adolescent – Social Tolerance

Working Breed Obedience

Charlotte and Laurie Skipnstone Kennel

Puppy Classes 

Show Handling

Suzanne Wiebe

Working Breed Trainer

Behavior Consultant 

– Anxiety and Aggression Specialist

Our Mandate

Excellence Through Education

Peer Accountability

Theory validated by Experience

Client and Dog focused vs Method and Technique Focus

Training Philosophy

We stand by our clients, no matter how long it takes. Your dog is a member of your family and deserves respect and patience. 

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Trainer Bios

Our trainers are expected to continually update their education at a university or certificataion level. 

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Our Promise

We will work with you to solve your problems. We will not give up on your dog. We will not continue with methods that are not working. 

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Aylmer Fair Grounds – Green Building

Aylmer Fair Grounds. 

East Street Aylmer

Call us: 519 902 4739

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