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Canine Freestyle! Dance, Rally, Heeling
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Canine Freestyle! Dance, Rally, Heeling

Canine Freestyle is the only dog sport where the Judges don’t tell you what to do.

Canine Freestyle is whatever you want it to be. You pick the style, the organization to compete with, whether you compete by video, or travel. You chose the music and the moves. You chose how extravagant, or simple the routine is. You choose whether your dog is in top physical condition, or your routine is relaxed and easy. The judges mark your final program. No one tells you what to do!

Each team is different. Each team has their own strengths. Each team has their own style. Each team’s moves are based on what you and your canine partner can do comfortably. It is all about having fun and doing what is best for you and your dog.

Types of Canine Freestyle you can do when training with us.

  • Percision Heeling
  • Percision Heeling to Music
  • Percision Heeling Teams
  • Freestyle Canine Dance
  • Canine Dressage
  • Freestyle Rally Obedience
  • Musical Canine Freestyle
  • Theatrical, costumes, props, and Performances!

Musical freestyle started as a Canadian Sport The first official musical freestyle group, Musical Canine Sports International, was founded in British Columbia, Canada, in 1991.   You can now see events across Europe, and even Crufts has included it in The Dog Show.

More About Our Canine Freestyle Classes: Click Here

Classes are $80 for 6 weeks. Practice time is 5 sessions for $10, or 10 sessions for $8

Why Canine Freestyle? Because you can compete via video!!

There are two types of musical canine freestyle: freestyle heeling (also called heelwork to music), and musical freestyle.

Freestyle heeling showcases your dog’s ability to stay in variations of the heel position while you move to music. You and your dog remain physically close at all times, almost as if you’re tethered to each other. Sending your dog away, working with her from a distance, and any move that is not heeling isn’t part of the routine. Your routine should include moving together diagonally, backwards, and forwards to the music, as well as pivoting.

Musical freestyle involves a variety of tricks and other obedience skills. You can also combine heelwork with moves such as leg weaving, sending your dog away, moving in synch at a distance, jumping, spinning, bowing, and rolling over. If your dog is a regular Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, you’ll get extra props if he or she can be trained to play off your dance moves, for example, dancing in place. And don’t forget to plan a big finish, like having your dog jump into your arms or over or onto your back.

Why Train With Us

  1. We have the professional video equipment, audio equipment, and staged lighting. We have professional experience videoing dogs.
  2. You get a copy of your video
  3. We rent suitable staging places for your performance.
  4. You are learn the basic moves – and then take it from there.
  5. We support you at every step.
  6. You can submit your video to any organization, or multiple ones.
  7. You are welcome to join our Service Dog Fundraiser Events, if you choose.

How We Teach a Freestyle Class

We do not specify whether you use hand or verbal cues. Use what works for you and your dog.

We do not teach all the main moves before choreography. You will learn the basics of moves, focus, and strengthen motivation.

You will learn the basics, but you only practice the ones you want to use.

10 minutes of class will be core training and cool down.

Our High Energy dogs and low energy are divided into 2 classes when possible.

We teach the dogs how to make the moves their own so they can move due to their structure, energy, and drive.

We allow reactive dogs to have a time out in class. If you don’t know how to do so then we will teach you.

We work on ‘shorter’ performances.

We do not ask a dog to do any behavior or move that the dog does not feel comfortable doing. You will learn to work with your dog. We do not want to cause a dog anxiety or pain.

You chose the music. It will send a message out about you and your dog.

Your dog is the STAR!

You will learn to ‘loosen up’ and ‘get over it’ and have fun!

Canine Freestyle Organizations = Pick Your Fav

Like our scent club, we are not ‘organization loyal’ Our members belong to the organization they want to. We support all.