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CKC Canine Good Neighbor + Therapy Dog Training


This is now called the CLASS program.

CGN –  Therapy Dog – Socializing –  Training Course This course will follow the Canadian Kennel Club Canine Good Neighbor Book and Rally Novice A. Classmates will work with each other to help prepare each other’s dogs for the test. We hope to hold a CGN test in our are Summer 2015. The 12 exercises in the CGN involve:

  • accept a friendly stranger
  • accept grooming and examination from a stranger come the first time called
  • accept to praise/interaction without over excitement politely accepting petting
  • remain calm when passing a passing dog walk calmly on a leash
  • remain calm to a distraction e.,g., baby stroller walk through a crowd
  • remain calm and stay with a stranger (supervised isolation) sit/down stay (on a long line)
  • walk calmly through a door/gate

This course will focus heavily on moving through obstacles, walkers, wheel chairs, furniture, and crowds. This is also our only course where dogs will be ‘huddled’ and socialized to being in a crowd, touched, and manhandled. Prerequisites: walk on a loose leash, sit on command and remain sitting.

Note: Dogs who pee when approached, bear their teeth, take an aggressive stance, or bark uncontrollably will not be allowed in this class as it may teach other dogs bad habits.


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