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Our Dog Trainers
Call Us: (519)902-4739

Our Dog Trainers

  • Experience with dogs that have a real job, ompeting with sport dogs
  • Earn a minimum of 20 Professional dog training CEUs a year
  • Have experience training outside of the training center

Suzanne Wiebe CEG, ACDBC

DSCF5289Suzanne believes that the relationship between dog and human is one of the most important characteristics of good training. Above all, she works to protect the team dynamic in order to keep frustration low and learning high. She encourages precise communication and fun interactions as the foundation of successful training.

Suzanne learned herding and relationship 40 years ago from her grandfather. Dogs have always been a part of her life. Dog training methods have evolved dramatically, but at the same time, have remained the same. Many of today’s ‘break through’ are nothing more than repackaged techniques herding dogs have been taught for hundreds of years.

But with a twist.

Continuing education is vital for furthering providing top-notch services to clients, and drawing the best performance from her dogs. She is studying behavior and training, working towards certification.

She continually attends workshops and seminars, and reads extensively in order to stay current with her field. She has trained predator control, guard, show, scent, and service dogs.

Author of the S.T.A.R.T Dog TrainingTM is the culmination of her years of experience, born from the frustration of seeing so many good dogs in the pound, or given away by frustrated owners. It was also born from her love for dogs that are too big, and too strong, for her to handle. She wanted a training method that didn’t require strength, endurance, or extensive dog training skill to manage large dogs.

Member of:

John Wiebe

John and Rose Dog TrainerDogs have always been a part of John’s life. His almost exclusive ‘off leash’ experience, and work with field spaniels has given him a unique philosophy that works when other training methods fail to produce the desired results.

John has a unique talent when working with dogs who have been abused. He has decades experience with aggression and reactive dogs.

John and dogs