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Dog Training Services London Ontario

Sport Dog Training Center is the only ‘None Bite Work’ training center in the London Ontario area. Our clients come from as far away as Woodstock and Sarnia, but most are in the St Thomas, London Ontario, Tillsonburg, Delhi or surrounding areas.

We are located in the Green Building at the Aylmer Fair Grounds. This gives us an indoor venue, as well as acres of green lawn to train on.

There are currently 5 trainers working at our center, offering various courses and programs to help all dogs.

Working Breed – Puppy and Adult Dog

This program is designed to help you learn how to control your working breed dog’s drive and hyper-friendly, or guarding instincts. These dogs do not respond well to punishment, in fact, it can make them aggressive.

Many people start their puppies in this program at 8 weeks. It has helped adult dogs with self control, bad manners, or who have obedience classes and just don’t listen.

Behaviour, Reactive, and Aggression

If you’ve ever had a dog who reacts aggressively towards people or other dogs you know that it takes more than punishment or teaching ‘tricks’ to help the dog stop. You also need someone who can help you deal with your own fears and anxieties.

Suzanne Wiebe is working through IAABC. Her continuing education in Applied Canine behavior exceeds most certification requirements. This is part of the secret to her high success rates.

Puppy Socialization – Puppy Obedience Classes

We offer puppy owners in the London Ontario area one of the best ‘behavior and socialization’ opportunities. 4 weeks of behavior programs, 4 weeks of obedience, and 4 weeks of impulse control and self control.

Our Great Beginnings and Smart Pup Programs are designed for people who want to give their pups the best start. The foundation for this program comes from police dog training, Service dog training, and Herding/Working dog training. These dogs are raised to be confident, controlled, and a pleasure to work and live with.

Adolescent Dog Training

We are one of the only centers in Western Ontario that offers a program specifically designed for adolescent dogs and the unique ‘hyper’ and ‘aggression’ problems they face. Contact us for more information.

Performance – Obedience Training

Our obedience training classes offer the basics for people who want more performance. If you don’t want your dog to ‘just sit’ but want it to sit around distractions, or if your adolescent dog knows how to heel but he just cannot pull himself together enough to heel properly, then we have a program for you.