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Why We Don’t Use Corrections

Why We Don’t Use Corrections

High drive, high energy, working breeds, and herding breeds are made to accept any challenge, overcome it, and get excited that a new challenge may be coming soon. When the dog doesn’t have a job these instinctual behaviors can be transferred (through stress and frustration) to your correction. This can lead to aggression, hyper activity, or acting out.

Instead of challenging your dog and starting a confrontation we work with your dog’s instincts to create a team-work relationship. Your dog starts to ‘choose’ to obey you instead of being forced to obey you.

The truth is, if you force a dog to obey then you only have control when a leash is on, or you are close enough to punish the dog. But if the dog wants to obey you then you have control no matter where the dog is, or what the dog is doing.

You (not a toy, not a treat, and not a squirrel or other dog) become the best thing in the dog’s world.

When you reach this point anyone, no matter how small or how old can control the biggest, ‘high drive’ dog easily, and with confidence.