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  • Easier time raising puppies
  • Sell puppies for more
  • Raise healthier/calmer puppies
  • Choosing the Right Home

Puppy – 2 – 8 Weeks

It will not take a lot of extra work to raise smarter, calmer, and friendlier puppies. Puppy buyers will thank you for sending them home with a puppy who understands that ‘obedience is a lifestyle’.

This workshop is designed to help new breeders of purebred, crosses, and sport dogs to raise better dogs.

Have you ever wondered why one kennel consistently has puppies that excel in the show and sport rings?

  • Small kennels buy the best stock, but their dogs lag in the performance ring.
  • Small dog breeders are frustrated by the high numbers of reactive and aggressive dogs.
  • You can raise good show dogs, but when you sell them as show stock they ‘melt down’ in the ring, and that hurts your reputation.
  • You are always ‘just out of’ the ribbons. You do all the work, and your puppy still doesn’t have ‘that something special’ needed to win.
  • Would you like to sell puppies who were raised to believe that ‘obedience is a lifestyle?’ – Without investing hours of work each day.

This workshop is going to focus on dogs that are raised to work as service dogs, protection dogs, and performance dogs. You will learn the secret to a dog who works all day, and gives 110% in everything.

Puppies 8 – 13 Weeks

You have a new puppies but things are going wrong from day #1. You need help. This seminar will help you understand what went wrong, and how to fix it. We will not just ‘tell you’ – but we will show you ‘how’ to make it work, even if you are not a professional dog trainer.

Puppies under 14 weeks can come. Bring their crate, a mat, treats, vaccination records.

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At Oxford Dog Sports

Date:  April 29, 2017

Cost: $40 includes coffee and snack.  Cash or etransfer

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Print Version: April 29 puppy workshop   If you print off a copy then please scan and email it to us.

Registration is required if you are bringing a puppy. We have the right to excuse any puppy upon our discretion.

Bring a lawn chair and something to take notes. We will supply the coffee.

We will have supporting books and copies of the Power Point available for purchase. To ensure you get a copy please reserve ahead of time.

A waiver must be signed.

To contact me and ask questions please call or txt: 519 902 4739



Suzanne has been working with high drive, and protection breeds for 40 years. She grew up in the ‘old ways’ of dog training, and progressed as the dog training world changed, reverting to the old ways. Currently working towards her certification in Applied Animal Behavior Consulting she has been studying for more than two years with some of today’s top professionals in Behavior Modification and dog training.

She brings accumulated knowledge and decades of experience to help breeders understand what makes a performance dog, how to raise smarter and more confident puppies, and how to prevent reactive puppies in your bloodlines.

Suzanne’s Training Philosophy

Dogs are cognitive, emotionally aware beings.

We bring dogs into this world. They do not ask to be bred. That is why we must make every effort to enrich the dog’s life and use positive methods to create a satisfying relationship with the dog, and create a dog who can adjust well to today’s Urban Environment.

I have not personally seen dominant, stubborn, or stupid dogs. I’ve seen miscommunication, boredom, and frustration. I see dogs that have not been taught to learn, with coping skills and self-control.

I engineer my program to give dogs every chance of easily understanding the behaviors I want. I believe drive, motivation, and obedience are reflections of the handler’s skill, effort, and willingness to build a strong relationship with their dog. The core of today’s successful dog is voluntary engagement.

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