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Adopt a Dog

adopt a dog from a rescue organization in London Ontario, or Elgin County

Adopt or Buy a New Dog – Your Choice

Adopt, Don’t Shop Facts and Myth There are solid camps on either side of the Adopt Don’t Shop movement. Both have their facts and good points, and both have their myths. If you are considering bringing a dog into your home then take a few minutes to consider both sides of the issue. The Ugly Truth About Marketing First – you must realize that what you read on the internet is marketing. It is designed…   Continue

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Adopt a Dog – Things to Consider

Adopt a Dog – Red Flags I was texting this morning with a couple who have adopted before, and chose to adopt again, but after seeing several dogs chose to buy a puppy.  Being ‘savvy’ to the adoption world they knew to be careful. They already learned to avoid buying based on emotions. That cute dog, or the adorable dog, can be a nightmare. If our new neighbor loads the front yard with derelict cars,…   Continue

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