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Reactive Dogs

Dog Behavior Training and Modification for reactive dogs prevents problems, helps stop aggression, biting, and reactive behavior, and helps control aggressive and hyper dogs.  Our students come from London Ontario, Aylmer, St Thomas, Tillsonburg, Woodstock, Ingersoll, and surrounding areas.

Panduan Bermain Sicbo di SMSTOTO


Sicbo adalah permainan dadu yang populer di kasino Asia, dan kini dapat dinikmati secara online di platform seperti SMSTOTO. Permainan ini menarik karena kombinasi keberuntungan dan strategi yang dapat digunakan oleh pemain untuk meningkatkan peluang mereka dalam memenangkan taruhan. Berikut ini adalah panduan lengkap tentang cara bermain Sicbo, termasuk strategi dan tips yang berguna: 1. Aturan Dasar Permainan Sicbo Sicbo dimainkan dengan tiga dadu yang dilemparkan ke dalam wadah transparan oleh dealer. Tujuan pemain adalah…   Continue

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Health Issues May Cause Reactivity and Aggression in Dogs

  Reactivity isn’t a training thing. It isn’t a ‘bad dog thing’ It isn’t a ‘bad training’ thing It isn’t a complicated thing. Recipe for a Reactive Dog Lack of socializing and mental stimulation 2 – 12 weeks. Being taught to fear walking/people/dogs 8 – 20 weeks. Bad Genetics Bad Food Pain Environment   The problem with a reactive dog is that many dog trainers have tunnel vision. They look at only one aspect of…   Continue

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Dog Behavior: Friendly or Obnoxious – Joy or Anxiety?

How many times have you dealt with dog behavior that is out of control, but they are yelling ‘It’s okay, he is friendly.’ In most cases this ‘out of control’ behaviour is not okay. What I find most interesting is that this apparently friendly behavior is not accepted by dogs. Just this weekend a puppy jumped into Carlo’s face and he gently placed his muzzle over the puppy’s muzzle. The incident lasted less than a…   Continue

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Classical Conditioning: Reinforcing Bad Behavior or Changing Behavior?

Canine Behavior Consultants will tell you that the best tool for changing dogs behavior is classical conditioning. Operant conditioning is good, but not that strong. But when people are told to reinforce their dog for doing something wrong they panic. So, let’s set some ground rules. The Goals and Objectives of any Classical Conditioning Program To make your dog more cognitive To teach your dog coping skills Once your dog can think (cognitive) and has…   Continue

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Punishment or Positive Training – From a Dog’s Perspective

When we argue whether punishment or positive training works it is always from a human ethical or emotional standpoint.  I am always amazed that whether we are defending, or bashing, we never take the animal’s point of view into perspective. [quote] [quote_content]Quote content[/quote_content] “Many peoples die at twenty-five and aren’t buried until they are seventy-five.” (Benjamin Franklin) Often, when we publish a pertinent study, the ones who refuses to evolve, argue. No explanation, no factual…   Continue

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