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Sport Scent Detection

Scent Detection – The Human Factor

I haven’t written anything on nosework in a while. As some of our team are moving past the ‘trial’ type of searches into more advanced work I wanted to highlight some of the reasons why some dogs fail to progress as fast as their owners want them too. Stop Helping I know owners hate to be told this – but your dog is better at searching than you are. I don’t know how many times…   Continue

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What is Scent Detection Sport and Why You Need to Join The Sport?

Sport Scent Detection is not a new sport. It has been around for 10 years. The best thing about scent detection is that any dog can excel. Your dog may be too slow for agility, or not engaged enough for Rally Obedience, but it will excel in Sport Scent Detection. All breeds, unregistered dogs, old dogs, and young dogs can join this sport. This is the best sport for a nervous dog, a lame or…   Continue

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Canadian Pet Expo Show – April 2015

We did 2 great shows this weekend. The dogs loved performing in the big auditorium with everyone in the bleachers watching them. There were more distractions than we imagined: people (shampoo, deodorant, body odour, tooth paste, mints, laundry soap), kangaroos, parrots, lama, straw, food court, all around the ring. We followed woof dogs, dog luring, and other shows. To the left we had 30 wet dogs and another 200 spectators. With all these distractions our…   Continue

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