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Trial Prep and Handling

Common handling mistakes in the ring as per AKC, CKC 

I asked Mickey Stillwell what errors she made in the ring, or what she saw. The focus was on mistakes that cost owners points. These may not be in the books, or on the cheat sheets. They may be things you haven’t even thought of, but judges will NA or remove points. Bowing when giving a command Improper hand position Body language for the finish (dipping shoulders, head tilt) Head movement Moving fingers on the…   Continue

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How to Obtain a Performance Number from the UKC

The process is fairly simple. You may register your dog whether it is a purebred with papers, identifiable as a breed, or a cross of multiple breeds. Performance Numbers These numbers are for all dogs who are neutered or spay. Step #1: Click this Link Cost is $20 USD You will be directed to download this document: There are 3 options to submit your registration If your dog can be recognized as a…   Continue

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Training a Performance Puppy

There are many ‘world class’ agility training centers in London Ontario. We have seen many local dogs go to the Nationals. There are local judges and coaches. Not to forget mentioning MAC , Details, and Oxford. This has given us an excellent opportunity to train our dogs well. We also have skilled physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors in the area to help us keep our dogs in peak condition. But there is more to raising a…   Continue

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Using Cues to Help Your Dog Predict What You Need

Note: I could not have written this article as well without some clarity and structure from Susan Garrett’s training courses. What is a Verbal Cue? A verbal cue is a word that tells your dog what you want it to do. In all dog sports, except scent, luring, and tracking we want to tell the dogs what we want. Even basic obedience has cues that tell the dog what we want. Unfortunately, we tell the…   Continue

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