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The Dreaded Dog Zoomies “Why Does My Puppy Get Hyper”
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The Dreaded Dog Zoomies “Why Does My Puppy Get Hyper”

One of the most common asked questions is ‘How to train a hyper dog.’ The Puppy zoomies, or dog zoomies turns what should be a wonderful experience into a nightmare.

What are puppy zoomies? Or FRAPs – Frenetic Random Activity Periods

They are typically a sudden explosion of activity in an otherwise good and trainable dog. When I say sudden explosion that is exactly what I mean. If you’ve ever had a dog with the zoomies you are shuddering right now and feel that there is no hope.


  • The zoomies often happen in morning, or around 7pm at night.
  • They include frantic running, biting, and almost abnormal hyper play
  • Zoomies are common in Agility – which may suggest that it is related to over stimulation
  • It may be a self-satisfying stress situation. Zooming may be an avoidance behavior
  • They happen to puppies and dogs although many experts claim they only happen to puppies.
  • Puppies/Dogs will grow out of the zoomies. I believe, if they don’t then see your vet and discuss a change in diet. Look for issues like allergies that may be causing a reaction.
  • May be associated with binge eating
  • Some puppies do it when they are over tired
  • Others do it because they just ‘don’t know’ and are over stressed
  • It may have something to do with diet
  • It is not related to the dog’s need for exercise or play
  • You often see a ‘glint’ in the dog’s eye, or slight tension in their behavior
  • In our experience dogs who start training young, are crated long periods, have long periods of time with no interaction/training, or have a job like service dog – are more prone to FRAPs

Managing the dog zoomies can be difficult. There are several methods of helping a dog overcome the zoomies. Here are some of the techniques we use. Note: This is a list of techniques and not an indepth behavioral analysis that will cure your puppy. If you want to DIY then please research the issue, make sure you have the correct issue, and proceed only as long as you see steady progress. Last, be 100% sure your dog is not reactive.

Some people find the zoomies funny or cute. In many cases they do not get out of control. I don’t suggest allowing them because you have no control when the dog will zoom. Eventually your puppy will be bigger and you will find your home in a shambles. You will have to arrange your schedule around the dog’s outburst of energy.

Do not chase the puppy!

Do not punish the puppy!

Do not laugh or encourage the puppy!

Do not allow biting or barking!

These four things will increase the severity of the zoomies. Of course, we all see the zoomies after a dog has a bath or plays at the beach. Those are okay.

How Do I Stop the Zoomies? Behavior Modification Techniques for Helping People Manage FRAP

If you would like to discuss a phone or skype consult to address problems we can help.

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