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Training Older Working Dogs
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Training Older Working Dogs

The working breeds make amazing pets and are well adapted to urban life. They do have more needs than a house dog, but the more you invest into your working or herding breed, the more you will get back.

Our course for training working dogs is designed to help you learn to handle a dog, speak its language, and learn to communicate in a way your dog understands. It is easier to train puppies, but it is never too late to work with older dogs.

Good Relationships = Obedience

Obedience training has moved a long way from the ‘yank the lead’ and overpower your dog. This is because we learned in the last 30 years that if you escalate power, your working dog will either become fearful, or it will escalate. The working breeds will match force for force. If you show your dog aggression, there is a chance that it will be aggressive back.

But if you follow basic canine behavior and social structure then you can easily stop bad behaviors by establishing yourself as the alpha. We use treats or toys. In a pack environment the alpha feeds and protects the pack.

Our Prey Drive to Play Drive training strategy uses the dog’s own instincts as a training tool. You will learn how to teach your dog to ‘choose’ to obey you instead of self-satisfying or acting bad.

When your dog trusts you, is loyal to you, and sees you as the alpha then you have the power to fix problems and train ‘rock solid’ behaviors like the recall and the stay.

Problem Solving

Many of todays’ problems didn’t exist 20 years ago. Dogs did not go to dog parks or walk down the street where they were forced to endure strange dogs without reacting.

Dogs never went to dog parks where ‘friendly’ dogs were allowed to be rude, and bully other dogs, causing those dogs to become angry or fearful.

But if you are ‘the boss’ and your dog learns that only you are allowed to make decisions then you have the power to control, and possibly stop, destructive and disruptive behaviors.


The socialization window closes at 15 weeks. Until this time we can imprint behaviors onto dogs. But that doesn’t mean we can’t socialize dogs after this time. Many problems are caused because we don’t understand what real socialization is.

In fact, we’ve met dogs whose owners caused fear and aggression problems while they forced their puppy to meet strange people and dogs without the proper foundation.

Many fearful and frustrated dogs have gone to canine behaviorists and trainers for help. Weeks later those same dogs are happy and relaxed.

Leash Skills

The art of dog handling is lost. Today people thing the leash is only an anchor meant to tie the dog to them. This leaves them at a disadvantage. Proper leash skills turns you and your dog into a team.

The leash can give a dog confidence and keep you in control. Or it can transmit your own fear, stress, and frustration to your dog. The result? A reactive, aggressive or lunging – barking dog.

The good news is, many problems you are facing are treatable. You and your dog do not need to keep suffering. Even if your dog is ‘having fun’ by being aggressive, there is hope. The working breeds have a natural loyalty, and bond that give us an opportunity to correct behavior problems with greater success than in other dogs.

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Obedience Training

Behavior Training: If your  would like to discuss how we can help you please fill in the contact form at the side of this page. All information is confidential.

Working dog 12 week Obedience course: Get back on track and reestablish the bond with your dog. Click for More Information

We work with all breeds.



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