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Puppy Primer: Are We Teaching Puppies to Fear By Not Teaching Puppies Confidence?

Puppy socialization is the most misunderstood aspect of raising a puppy. We take a puppy on a play date with our neighbor’s dog, let 3 kids pet the puppy, and voila. We feel that we have socialized our puppy.

The truth is, most of us don’t care until the puppy develops annoying behaviors, or even dangerous ones. You are ahead of the curve because you are here reading this blog.

Remember that trainers do not focus on the fear in their puppies, they focus on the recovery time. Yes we do not want to cause a puppy to be afraid, but we do want the puppy to learn how to recover, quickly.

That is why I wrote this puppy primer. If you follow the guidelines in this primer than you will have the tools needed to teach your puppy confidence, and your puppy will learn to recover from stress or fear quickly.

Puppy Primer Fear and Nervous Puppies

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