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S.T.A.R.T. Force Free Dog Training
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S.T.A.R.T Dog Training Programs

Shape, Task, Assess, Reinforce, Trust = Force Free Positive Training

“My dog is good and listens but….”
“I have taught my dog a lot, but I just can’t get ‘reliable’ obedience. Can you help?”
“I want a dog that obeys, like professional trainer’s dogs.”
“I don’t think classes are right for me. I want private help”
“My dog is good, but failed Obedience Classes. Can you help?”

 Even if you have tried training classes before and failed, we can help.
Maybe your dog knows what to do, but ignores you when excited, we can help.
Even if other trainers didn’t fix your problem, we can help.

This is not a ‘train the trainer’ program. You will not be shown what to do, but your dog will work through exercises in a ‘private class’. We will deal specifically with your dog’s problems.

Which S.T.A.R.T. Program is right for your dog?

S.T.A.R.T – Smart Dog

This course is a beginner’s course to help teach your dog the basic rules needed to function in society, and as a foundation for future training.

We teach in a training method that is easy to understand and that anyone can implement. Our practice and homework fits into your daily life, no matter how busy you are, and is designed so that the smallest person can learn how to control the largest dog.

This is a great course for people who want to take their dogs to dog parks, vacations, sport dog competitions, service dogs, and CKC or other dog events.

Most owners will see a difference in the first week.

Course Highlights

Week 1 –

We will start with engagement and exercises to teach your dog to focus on you. We will build motivation and strengthen your dog’s desire to obey you.

Week 2

The dog will practice exercises that make it heel at your left side, on a loose leash. We will start teaching self control exercises so your dog learns to wait for you instead of ‘reacting’ to things that excite it.

Week 3

Your dog will learn several commands that will give you control, and can be used to stop lunging, barking, and leash aggression. By now your dog should be better behaved at home, and a pleasure to take for walks.

Week 4

By now most dogs are heeling off leash. They have a reliable sit. . Your dog will start learning a solid down and stay command. We will add distractions as we continue to build the ‘drive to obey’ command in your dog using positive, fun methods.

Week 5

This week we will introduce the Canine Good Neighbor Test, and teach you some ‘house and car’ manners that will make life easier and less stressful for you. This week we teach 10 house manners you may not have thought of teaching your dog.

Week 6

. Your dog will learn to stay for longer periods and to wait for your command before moving. We will also teach more hand signal commands and working ‘at a distance.’

Week 7

Emergency Recall is a rock solid come that – when practiced properly – will bring most dogs through most distractions without hesitation. It can also ‘stop and drop’ your dog on command, no matter how badly it wants a distraction.

Week 8

Learn the ‘wait’ and ‘walk on’ command. These are vital for being able to go in public, or even move around the house without your dog rushing and pushing past you, jumping out of cars, or tripping you when your busy.

  • Test
  • Walk through the park with other dogs
  • Graduation+


This is private/semi private training. We can start when it suits you.

S.T.A.R.T. Complete –

Do you need more? Do you want your puppy (10 – 20 weeks) to take the whole program?

Is your dog high drive, hyper, or too strong for you? If so, then the 12 week Complete program is designed for you.

12 private sessions  1:15 – 1:30 hours depending on what is needed.

  • S.T.A.R.T. Great Beginnings & Smart Dog Plus:
  • 4 weeks behavior modification/engagement and focus training
  • Off leash heeling work
  • Stop Barking or Quiet command
  • Release/Out/drop it command
  • Public Access in town exercise

12 weeks x 1.15 – 1.30 hours  $375

Ask about having us train your dog for you or training at your home