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Starting in Rally Obedience
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Starting in Rally Obedience

http://www.sinisterlabs.biz/CKC_Rally_20150101.php   These are the CKC Rally Signs. Rally is open to purebred dogs, and any dog which applies for a number from the CKC. You can compete if you do not have a number, but you must pay a listing fee, and there will be no way to track your legs, or wins.

Pointer #1 – your dog will need to look away to ease its mind and reduce stress. The more you work with your dog to become its ‘stress relief’ the less it will look away (wander away). Engagement is vital to a competition dog.

Not everyone gets to have a ‘rock solid’ working dog. Most of our dogs do not get to ‘chill’ in a kennel and just be a dog. They are part of our everyday life – which increases stress.

Pointer #2 – If your dog makes a mistake assume you told him to do it. Our dogs watch our body language, feet, hands, legs. A slight turn in the leg may signal a dog. The way you hold your fingers. When working with your dog watch its behavior, and match it with your body language. Even your tone of voice and scent can be contributing factors. If your dog is having trouble performing check to see if you’ve changed any scent with your grooming products or clothing. You may need to avoid the coffee or sugars before trials.

Pointer #3 – Reward anyway. When a dog expects a reward it should receive a reward. As a continuation of Pointer #2, do not withhold treats or you will cause your dog confusion. He may know he needs to do ‘something’ but what you expect, and what you communicate, may be two different things.

[quote] [quote_content]Some pointers, move briskly, watch tight leashes shouldn’t be dragging your dog around they need to be heeling, 270 and 360 are small circles. Don’t cut your right and left turns”,  [/quote_content] [quote_signature name=”Name”]Katherine Stead (Rally Judge)[/quote_signature] [/quote]

Pointer #4 – if it is all about the win, ribbon, leg, then you’ll soon lose your dog’s motivation and your scores will go down. Your dog is an athlete. It needs proper conditioning (the 3 minute perfect sit is physically demanding), it needs to be prepared for the stress of competition.

Pointer #5 – socializing doesn’t mean getting your dog into as many situations as possible. It is about teaching your dog to have fun and not stress in any situation. This starts with your attitude, and your dedication to building trust in your dog.

Pointer #6 – your dog doesn’t want to play. Your dog wants to play with you. More than anything in the world, your dog wants you to be its biggest source of fun.

Pointer #7 – Food is the #1 instinctual and motivational ‘survival’ drive. Get over your expectations and desires and let your dog be a dog – feed it treats.

Pointer #8 – Practice your routines and smooth them out. Learn to control your body language. Learn to set an even pace. Then add your dog. This is most important for luring.

Pointer #9 – Remember about Muscle Memory – yours and the dog. If you don’t keep your routines clean and neat in practice, then they won’t be crisp in competition.

Pointer #10 – “Oh my goodness, s/he’s never done that before,” Don’t even bother saying that to the judge. They have heard that one a few hundred times before. Just smile at the judge, smile at your dog, and continue.

Keep posted for more information that will help you have fun and win in CKC Rally.

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