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Puppy Primer: Stop Puppies From Biting

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This is the latest paper in our Puppy Primer Series. Biting is a bit problem for puppies. There are so many conflicting ideas that no one knows where to start. The one fact that you can hold as ‘truth’ is…

If you want a calm dog then raise a calm puppy

Give your puppy plenty of things to do. Teach your puppy to be calm and lay quietly. Spend time with your puppy.  Your puppies most influential development stage is 8 -13 weeks. This time determines whether your puppy will be calm or crazy, aggressive or tolerant.

So how do you have a puppy that doesn’t bite? Well, first download the page. The next thing you do is to stop letting your puppy ‘run wild’ and do its own thing. You need to raise a puppy to be calm. This means that you need to interact with your puppy, hourly. Training shouldn’t be something you do when you have time. It should be a lifestyle for your puppy. It should be the main thing that your puppy does.

Puppies are either learning to be good, or learning to be wild. You determine whether your puppy grows up calm, or crazy.

How to raise a calm puppy

  1. Aggression teaches aggression – do not use pain or fear to correct a puppy.
  2. Play with your puppy several times a day.
  3. Train your puppy for 1 – 2 minutes, 2 – 3x an hour.
  4. Do not let your puppy get too excited. When your puppy ‘starts’ to get excited then give it a quiet time. Don’t wait until your puppy is biting.
  5. Do not let children treat a puppy like it is a toy. If you would not let a child do something to you, then don’t let them do it to the puppy.

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