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Puppy Biting – Hyper Puppies – What You Need to Know

Puppy biting and Hyper Behavior is a problem for many puppy owners. Dr Ian Dunbar, one of the foremost canine behavior experts in the world, does not find the term aggression helpful in diagnosing and correcting the problem. Part of the problem is that people believe that any dog that bites, growls, or backs away (stress/fear) is aggressive, or going to be aggressive. Without understanding this is normal dog communication. The second part of the problem…   Continue

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Help For Your Reactive Rover

Look, look at me, or redirects are a common training tool when people are working with nervous or aggressive dogs. But remember that you need to build foundation behaviors. If the dog doesn’t trust you, it won’t leave the ‘scary thing’ to look at you. Teach this behavior to your dog, but if it doesn’t work within 2 weeks start working on the ‘fun’ and play part of your relationship. Remember – Dog behavior is…   Continue

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