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Reactive Dog

Canine Stress in Today’s Urban Environment

  One of the most overlooked canine care issues in today’s lifestyle is kennel stress. We think because our dogs have free run of the house they do not suffer. With the introduction of home viewing cams, people are learning that their dog is not relaxing quietly while they are away. The dog is pacing, barking, panting, and exhibiting other signs of stress. This is not what we want for our dogs. When we think…   Continue

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Help For Your Reactive Rover

Look, look at me, or redirects are a common training tool when people are working with nervous or aggressive dogs. But remember that you need to build foundation behaviors. If the dog doesn’t trust you, it won’t leave the ‘scary thing’ to look at you. Teach this behavior to your dog, but if it doesn’t work within 2 weeks start working on the ‘fun’ and play part of your relationship. Remember – Dog behavior is…   Continue

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