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Puppy Life Skills 2: Comfort, Calm, Confidence

This article focuses on socialization. What is puppy socialization? And, what it is not. There are three development stages. Each one requires different skills and tasks taught the puppy. Socializing 8 – 12 Weeks – Comfort The most important things to consider when socializing is that: a) A puppy should never be forced to encounter […]

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Training a Performance Puppy

There are many ‘world class’ agility training centers in London Ontario. We have seen many local dogs go to the Nationals. There are local judges and coaches. Not to forget mentioning MAC , Details, and Oxford. This has given us an excellent opportunity to train our dogs well. We also have skilled physiotherapists, massage therapists, and […]


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Puppy Biting

Stop Puppy Biting You have the most wonderful puppy.  It is full of bounce and play, but will cuddle. It is also smart. You can teach it tricks in a few minutes. And it looks at you with loyal, loving eyes. But it doesn’t understand that it shouldn’t bite. Bite Inhibition The problem is that […]

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Puppy Primer: What is the Most Important Command?

Leave it. A puppy who understands this has the foundation for good manners and reliable control. Every puppy obedience task is built on the leave it command. To heel well a puppy needs to learn not to pull towards things it is interested in. A long, reliable, stay cannot be accomplished unless the puppy understands […]

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