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Sarah and Cairo’s Story

I wanted to share my experience with my Cane Corso Cairo. After extensively researching which breed would suit our lifestyle best we decided we wanted a CC. We understood and accepted that this dog would be a huge part of our lives and looked forward to being involved with some sort of sport and training with him. While waiting for a litter we found an add for a beautiful 5 month old that needed to be rehomed.

He had the most amazing and loving temperament….his obedience was another story. At 5 months old he weighed a whopping 65lbs and had zero leash skills. Basically Cairo knew how to sit and was crate trained. He was a determined confident young fellow and had no problem dragging me down the street or deciding mid walk to take a nap on some neighbours lawn

I needed a trainer immediately!!! He is a very high drive but a social dog that just wants to be part of everything going on. He would see a dog across the street and bam…he would to pull to greet it. He has a huge love for children and would do the same. By the time he was 8 months he was 100lbs and could pull a 200lbs man to the ground with ease.

Cairo is a very intelligent dog that was easily trained. In our home he is a perfect angel. We have two cats that he has learned boundaries and respect. We are able to leave the cat food out and he knows not to touch it. He knows to go to his place when the door bell rings or when we are eating or preparing food.

We have taught him to sit and allow us to enter thru doors or walk down stairs first before he is allowed. He is a superstar at home.

I can literally teach him anything and he is so well behaved until…..we are in public. Poor Cairo would lose focus and become so overwhelmed with anything going on around him his manners and all the hard work behind closed doors went right out the window.

Another problem with Cairo is that the public was afraid of him. He has a very intimidating look as well as being 120 lbs dog. This meant that it was that much more important to have him act appropriately.

cain corso CSSDF 2015This brings us to our quest for a trainer.

Now this part I thought would be easy. Call up some qualified local dog trainers do an interview and find someone I liked with experience with a Corso. Boy was I wrong!!!

Being a first time dog owner I was naive to the politics and breed labelling I would encounter. I had several trainers who claimed to have experience with this breed who ended up not comfortable with his size, strength, drive, and stubbornness. Instead of owing up they were over their heads with a working breed they told me he was just not a good dog. One trainer even went as far as to tell me my 5 month old pup would later become so unmanageable at 18 months I would likely have to euthanize him. Can you imagine!!! Based on the breed and the fact he required just a little extra effort.

One day I was out at the park at a local dog event and met Suz with Sport Dog. I figured I had nothing to lose. I joined the K9 club June of 2015. Suz and Emily had zero reservations about having a young cane Corso with some extra energy and a whole lot of drive. We started to do the dog line dancing classes as well as scent detection.

They gave me exercises to help me redirect his focus back onto me. Cairo was able to overcome his intense drive to yank me around the room dog to dog, person to person. He also now had a job (scent). Having this job and providing him with mental stimulus as well as his regular hiking or walks has also stopped him from destroying his beds at home.

Today he is now certified with his Canine Good Neighbour Certificate and he has successfully completed his beginner level container, room and vehicle search for scent detection. All this was achieved in less than 6 months. We also have been able to work him off leash with a room full of dogs with heeling, downs from distance and some basic rally. I’m so happy that the world can now see how wonderful he can behave.
I knew it was just a matter of finding the right place for us and the right people to train us. So if you have a dog with a little extra drive or energy Sport Dog will help you and your dog succeed.

Sarah Leason




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