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Natasha and Kaiserin

I always wanted a German Shepherd, mostly because I think they are the most beautiful dog around but also because they are strong and noble, loyal, intelligent and protective.  In the late 1990s, I spoke to a breeder who told me a German Shepherd maybe wasn’t the best first dog because they really required a lot of work and training. So I got a German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix named Empress. She was the most mellow…   Continue

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Sarah and Cairo’s Story

I wanted to share my experience with my Cane Corso Cairo. After extensively researching which breed would suit our lifestyle best we decided we wanted a CC. We understood and accepted that this dog would be a huge part of our lives and looked forward to being involved with some sort of sport and training with him. While waiting for a litter we found an add for a beautiful 5 month old that needed to…   Continue

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A Reactive Success Story: Harley’s Story

Harley was attacked by a large dog at a dog show, May 2015. The dog attacked her crate throwing it around until it could be pulled off. I was at the ring, and the person who was watching Harley was so upset they didn’t tell me because they were afraid I would be angry at them. No one did any redirection or comforting for 3 hours. This left Harley extremely reactive to everyone, dogs and…   Continue

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