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“Can You Help My Dog?”

People are often dubious when I reply yes. Especially if they have gone to other trainers whose methods made the problem worse, or failed outright. I’m not very big, 5’ 3”, and I don’t come to a training class with prong collars, shock collars, and lots of talk about dominance and control. I’m not a dog whisperer. I have no ‘secret’. I haven’t taken a long ‘tried and true’ dog training method and marketed it…   Continue

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Dogs Don’t Want To Dominate You

One of the main causes of behavior problems is the belief you must dominate a dog or it will try to dominate you. I’ve lived with as many as 18 dogs at my home, and have never had a dog challenge me for dominance. I’ve owned giant schauzers, huskies, german shepherds, chinese cresteds, and other working dogs. I will admit that some breeds are difficult to manage, but when a dog is treated like a…   Continue

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10 Dog Behavior and Training Myths

I’ve watched decades of dog trainers with the newest, latest, training methods. But almost everything goes back to theories and training methods used by sheep herders, and farmers, for hundreds of years. The fact is, dog’s haven’t changed much. They’ve adapted to urban living, and they are now competing in an ever growing number of sports. But when it comes right down to it, dogs are relatively the same as they have always been. 1….   Continue

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Seminar: Nurturing the Lifestyle of the Urban and Sporting Dog

  Time: all day Location: Royal Canin Distribution Centre Street: 8400 Lawson Road City/Town: Milton Event Type: seminar Organized By: Pierry McLean Some of us are taking in this seminar in two weeks. I haven’t been to a seminar at the Royal Canin center, but I have read a couple of their books and am interested. We hope to gain a better understanding of the nutrition requirements of highly active dogs, and to pass that…   Continue

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