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What is Puppy Socialization

One of the most misunderstood aspects of puppy raising is the socialization. Everyone knows about obedience training – but nothing else. Imprinting Behaviors You have the power to imprint good behaviors on your puppy until 13 weeks old. After that the door closes -forever. This isn’t the time to spoil your puppy. This is the…   Continue

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Why I Do Not Socialize Puppies

I listened to her explain that she has no idea why her 9-month-old golden retriever has started biting people. She went into length to explain how she socialized it. ‘Ever since it was 10 weeks old I took it to the dog park and puppy classes. All the dogs played with it and ‘taught it…   Continue

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Punishment or Positive Training – From a Dog’s Perspective

When we argue whether punishment or positive training works it is always from a human ethical or emotional standpoint.  I am always amazed that whether we are defending, or bashing, we never take the animal’s point of view into perspective. [quote] [quote_content]Quote content[/quote_content] “Many peoples die at twenty-five and aren’t buried until they are seventy-five.”…   Continue

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